Andy Nguyen

MOD - Take on Successful Software

19 Apr 2022

No person or company has ever succeeded without tools, and software is a tool used to generate significant value across all industries. Obtaining that value requires successful software, so here is how to make that successful software, no matter your industry.

Successful software is built such that it is MOD:

  • Easy to Maintain
  • Easy to Observe
  • Easy to Deliver

Below are some examples of MOD:

Easy to Maintain

  • “Forget it, and come back to it” Example: If you took a long vacation, adding new functionality should be almost as fast as if you were working on that software recently.
  • Use the Simple Programming Paradigm, and enforce it with the Mock Orchestration Framework. Simple is good!

Easy to Observe

  • “Focused Environment” Example: Important documentation should be highlighted, and out-of-date documentation should be archived.
  • Quick to prove something did or did not happen. Find the answers about your software in a click or few away!

Easy to Deliver

  • “You break it, so they buy it” Example: Pivot and change your software, so that it delivers what you want it to. Almost nothing is perfect from the beginning, but it can be closely reached overtime! Also, successful software shall eventually stabilize, so the pivots decrease overtime.
  • Deliver for the short-term, mid-term, and long-term. By having short-term goals, that help deliver mid-term goals, that help deliver long-term goals, you gain incremental value that gives insight on where effort is most needed!

Start applying the concepts of MOD, to find your success!