Andy Nguyen

About Me

"Andy is a very hard worker, and has produced a lot of great content for the team. He is quick to respond to everyone’s questions and concerns, and has a great amount of technical knowledge. Overall, he has been a fantastic team member this year." - Anonymous Team Member


Hello! My name is Andy Nguyen.

I was born in the United States, and grew up in the Milwaukee area. During my 2012 sophomore year of high school, I took a Computer Science class, and by the end I fell in love with the subject. By senior year, I won my school’s Computer Science Award for helping other students understand the subject and for my own academic achievements.

In 2014, I first attended University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. The following year, I transferred over to University of Wisconsin-Madison for greater job and on-campus opportunities. At Madison, I participated in several Computer Science student organizations. My most notable contribution on campus was being the Web and Engineering Team Coordinator for MadHacks, the largest student hackathon in the state of Wisconsin and one of the largest in the Midwest. During my time at MadHacks, I helped coordinate and run three 24-hour events. Each event consisted of ~250-300 participants and several company sponsors. These events helped connect passionate students with employers, as well as inspire both innovation and teamwork. I also participated with the UPL (Undergraduate Projects Laboratory), providing tutoring, and giving advice on both Computer Science coursework and careers to undergraduate students. I had two internships during college. I first worked at Liberty Mutual in Wausau, WI as a full-stack software engineer. For my second internship, I continued working with Liberty Mutual in Dover, NH as a backend software engineer. For both internships, I learned what it was like working in a team to deliver scalable applications and what it was like to work in a Fortune 100 company.

In May 2018, I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a BS in Computer Science and a certificate in Mathematics. I have since been working with my current employer, Liberty Mutual, advancing through the following positions: Technology Associate, Associate Software Engineer, Software Engineer, Senior Software Engineer, Principal Software Engineer (Current Title).

As I continue my career, I hope to learn more technologies, create large scale applications, mentor others, and to create software projects to help people and their communities!

Want to learn more? I have more information on my resume page, as well as my LinkedIn page. Thanks for reading!